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sidewalk+surprise+azAt Desert Concrete Company, we have made it our goal to distinguish ourselves from the competition in terms of concrete services. Since concrete is currently the most often used material for sidewalks, we will make every effort to accommodate your timetable and provide information on any related issues. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll take care of any problems, whether you need a new concrete sidewalk or repairs for cracks in your current sidewalk.┬áIf you happen to live in Surprise, Arizona, you won’t regret it.

What benefits may concrete provide for a sidewalk?

The advantages of concrete sidewalks are astounding. This makes it the material most frequently used to build sidewalks. Its cost-effectiveness is the first justification. You’ll receive excellent value for your money when you consider concrete’s low maintenance requirements and durability. It is adaptable, which is number two. Concrete is the easiest material to work with if a walkway needs to curve and flex. You can experiment with using bricks to see how difficult that will be! The third argument is that concrete is incredibly durable and will survive for a very long time. Another crucial aspect is that it requires no maintenance and doesn’t heat up, protecting your feet from the scorching Arizona sun. If you’re ready to pay a little bit more on something like stamped concrete, it can even look wonderful. It is therefore economical, requires little upkeep, is durable, adaptable, and secure. What could be despised about sidewalks made of concrete?

What could cause a sidewalk made of concrete to crack?

A concrete sidewalk may crack for a variety of causes, including but not limited to: massive tree roots creeping underfoot, a blunt force trauma of some sort, or poor construction. It might be necessary to strengthen the concrete with mesh or rebar if the concrete contractors who performed the initial construction employed the incorrect mix. You might also need to take control or construction joints into consideration based on the preceding job. We would be pleased to come out and take a look at any cracked concrete sidewalks you may have in the Surprise region so that we can assess the cause of the problem and recommend a reasonable solution.

Are rebars required on all concrete sidewalks?

Most concrete sidewalks won’t require rebar reinforcement. However, it will depend on the sidewalk’s intended use and the type of traffic anticipated there. Rebar reinforcement is a great choice if there is a potential that large machinery or something similar may use the sidewalk.

Can concrete be poured on top of dirt?

Yes, in the majority of cases, you can build a sidewalk by pouring concrete over dirt. It might not always be the best, though. Contacting us would be the best approach to find out more information about this.

If you live in Surprise, Glendale, Phoenix, or Peoria and require a concrete sidewalk, call us or fill the free quotation form on our website. We would be more than happy to offer you a free, no-obligation quote.

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